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”If we purchase in bulk do we receive any discount?”

- Yes we do offer this service, simply contact us via email & one of our consultants we explain how it works.

”Can green diamond be used on marine equipment?

Here's what our customers have commonly asked

”Can green diamond be used on wind towers?”

- Yes it can, for technical questions please get in touch.

”Can green diamond be used as a foundry material”

- Yes it does, check out the foundry section or contact us and we will advise on the specific product.

”What is the minimum amount? Because we are a large corporation and would like to test first.

- Thats Great for bulk orders give us a call and we will take the first step and we will send your company a sample to test complimentary if you are based in the Middle East

"How do you know Green Diamond is as amazing results, great for the workers and incredible for the environment as you say?”

-That is a great question!, we are happy to send it over for you to check and do all the tests you require or you can just come on over and we can show you first hand.

Professional Quality

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We embark on a transformative mission, reshaping the industrial landscape in the Middle East by championing innovation with an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. Through pioneering technologies and strategic partnerships, we strive to redefine industry practices, fostering a creative paradigm that harmonises progress with ecological responsibility, leaving an indelible mark on the future of our planet.


As a dedicated marine life care organisation in the Middle East, we extend a helping hand to our oceans, fostering biodiversity and ensuring the vitality of underwater ecosystems. By investing in sustainable practices and conservation initiatives, we not only protect marine life but also offer a helping hand to future generations, creating harmonious balance between human activities and the delicate wonders beneath the waves.

Professional Quality Blue & Green Solutions