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Welcome to ProQualea Middle East

At ProQualea, we are dedicated to redefining excellence in the energy, maritime and engineering Industries.

Our products have been available globally for nearly 30 years with all heavy industry in mind.

Performance Sustainable Solutions

We specialise in delivering sustainable and superior solutions across many diverse industries and we strive to provide cutting-edge products and solutions that not only meet the highest standards of quality and performance but also contribute to a safer, greener and more responsible future.

Our Focus

Our focus on delivering superior solutions is matched only by our dedication to sustainable practices that align with the environmental goals of our clients.

Join us in shaping a future where quality, excellence, and environmental responsibility converge seamlessly

Experience our services and you will find that where innovation meets sustainability, and experience we at ProQualea Middle East have the advantage.

Our mission

"Our mission is to be your trusted partner, providing you with the tools, products, technology, and expertise needed to thrive in this competitive landscape”.

Our vision

"Our fundamental strategy is to develop long term relationships with our clients based on earned trust, credibility, and integrity that emphasises high quality service, traditional values and strong client relationships".


“Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals. This allows us to develop customised solutions that optimise efficiency, enhance safety, and drive sustainable growth in the energy and heavy industry sector".

Technological Advancement

At ProQualea Middle East, we prioritise staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

Our dedicated team of experts continuously monitors the latest developments, ensuring that we provide you with the most advanced and efficient products available in the market.

We believe that innovation is key to success in the energy, engineering, maritime and heavy industry sector, and we are committed to empowering your projects with cutting edge solutions.

Our Commitment

With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we specialise in researching & delivering cutting edge performance products & services such as Green Diamond Performance Materials.

Agenda 2030

As a future leading provider in the Middle East’s energy, engineering, maritime and heavy industry sectors, we understand the unique demands and intricacies of these rapidly evolving fields and with the 2030 agenda as our utmost vision.

"We focus all our efforts and resources on products, services, opportunities, and cutting edge Environmentally Friendly Solutions that drive performance and innovation in our chosen dynamic sectors"

Our extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge allow us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the highest industry standards and exceed your expectations.

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Our Corporate Responsibility:

Environmental Sustainability

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability.

We recognize the importance of responsible practices and eco-friendly solutions in today’s world.

That is why we offer a wide range of environmentally friendlier products that not only enhance performance, peace of mind but also minimise the ecological footprint of your operations.

We advise our clients on products such as Green Diamond Performance blast abrasive media materials.


Because if its cleaner, consistent, environmentally better and safer for your Human Resources why wouldn't you want to make the decision or recommend it to those who do have the power to make a difference?

a group of trees in a forest
a group of trees in a forest

Our Corporate Responsibility

Launching in 2024

Our Corporate Responsibility

Experience the ProQualea Difference:

Contact us today to explore how our cutting-edge materials and unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability can elevate your operations to new sustainable heights...

Empowering the energy and heavy industry sectors in the Middle East.

Our Management team

Our team of experienced professionals are ready to support you at every stage of your project, ensuring that you receive exceptional service and unrivalled expertise.

Matthew James

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Leigh Burns

Chief Marketing Communications Officer

Ron Alex

Chief Operations Officer