a view of a mountain range with trees and mountains in the distance
a view of a mountain range with trees and mountains in the distance

Green Diamond Frequently Asked Questions


Riddle, Oregon

Home of Green Diamond Performance Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Diamond?

· Green Diamond is a synthetic amorphous magnesium silicate.

What makes Green Diamond unique?

· Our competitive advantage starts with the raw material. The purity of the raw material is unmatched in the industry. We utilize a proprietary cleaning and separating process in combination with traditional precision sizing techniques.

Where does Green Diamond come from?

· Green Diamond is single sourced in Riddle, Oregon USA. It’s single source aids in consistency and uniformity so that you know you’re getting a great product every time.

What certifications does Green Diamond have?

· Green Diamond is proud to be the only magnesium silicate product on the US Department of Defense QPD/QPL. We are certified for outdoor blasting with the California Air Resources Board. We are AMPP AB-1 Certified Class A and certify all materials to be within the standards to these specifications.

What about ISO 11126 and 11127?

· Though Green Diamond does not specifically operate under the ISO material specifications, between the AMPP AB-1 and independent 3rd party testing, we attest that our materials meet or exceed the ISO requirements under specifications for non-metallic blast-cleaning abrasives – Part 5.

Is Green Diamond environmentally friendly?

· Absolutely! Under standard conditions, Green Diamond does NOT present as US federally hazardous, and shows no levels of toxicity or corrosivity. In LC50 testing, fathead minnow and trout do not show any mortality or behavioral changes at highest required doses.

OSHA has strict limits on dust emissions. Does Green Diamond conform OSHA Standards?

· It is important to know your substrate and what coating, of any, is being removed. Green Diamond becomes one component of airborne particles. In independent industrial hygiene tests, Green Diamond as a singular input does not exceed 8-hour PELs or action levels. Of special importance, bulk analysis of the materials shows non-detectable levels of both Beryllium and Crystalline Silica.

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