"Green Diamond Performance Delivers the most cost effective, best profiling, safe, consistent, and environmentally friendly abrasive products in the industry.”

(ProQualea R&D Department 2023)

Official Sustainable Abrasive Materials Distributor of

Green Diamond Performance Materials in the Middle East.

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Multiple Industries across the Middle East & all across the globe now demand sustainable, ethical and responsible practices and products from the paint preparation and heavy industry sectors.

Q2 2024

Green Diamond Performance

Abrasive Material

Middle East Launch

Vapour Blast Cleaning Equipment Partnership

Will Be Announced.


of the PQ Portal App for professionals in the Energy, Maritime & Engineering Sectors in the Middle East


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Q3 2024

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Successfully launched in the UAE

Q3 2023


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Our Flagship Products

From Quarry

to Customer

We manage the complete supply chain from mining and processing...


We produce six standard surface Preparation Grades With ability to Customise Grading"


to distribution ...

...After sales services throughout the Middle East"

While we pride ourselves on the ability to process high volumes of materials, we also enjoy the flexibility to make specialty products.

We partner with entrepreneurs and product development specialists to create new products requiring specific characteristics.

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a very tall building that has a lot of holes in it


"Green Diamond Performance Blast Materials are new to the Middle Eastern market and are approved by international certification bodies and trusted by

many international companies and organisations"

Trusted By

International Organisations
International Certification Bodies

Why do we recommend Green Diamond Performance Materials?

The Answer is simple

Green Diamond Performance Materials blast abrasives deliver:

-The Most Cost Effective

-Best Profiling,


-Environmentally Friendly

-Consistent Supply & Quality Blast Cleaning Abrasives in the Industry"

Test Parameters:

To test we used SSPC Grade B New Steel, a new number six 3/8-inch Venturi style blasting nozzle AT 100 PSI. And was utilised to obtain an SP5 white metal surface and we measured the total abrasive use for each material.

Once the blast stream had been optimised for each abrasive’s bulk density, an area was cleaned and time to completion was recorded.

After the material was cleaned, we measured the mill profile using standard methods.

Cleaning Rates

We tested green diamond products against other leading abrasives in a controlled setting. We tested the cleaning rates and arrived at total cost reported in dollars per square foot.

"Green Diamond Performance Abrasives are Consistent, Clean and Plentiful"

Because Green Diamond is single sourced in the US, we offer unsurpassed customer support and Global distribution for over 30 years.

And more importantly

Peace of Mind that you are getting the Best All Round Environmentally Abrasive Products

on the market.

Green Diamond Performance Materials

Standing Out from the Crowd

Since 1961


"If you can save your organisation and your client's money And make the world a little bit better then

Why don't you?"

Our dedication to our corporate responsibility started with a quote from one of our team that immediately become our core ethos.

"If it's Cleaner than your current solution, consistent, environmentally better and safer for your team THEN why wouldn't our clients want to make the decision or recommend it to those who do have the power to make a difference?"


Performance Blast Abrasives

Green Diamond 1636

"Provided the Best Performance of all other products in its class, Lowest Total Cost per square foot...

Of any abrasives that met the Profile Specification".

"Easily Outperformed all other abrasives with cleaning rates as much as 40% faster.

The Total Cost was Reduced by as much as 18%".

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We are always willing to assist

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Contact us today to request a sample.

"We appreciate every opportunity to prove our

products to new customers"

"Green Diamond Performance Blast Abrasives Delivers the Most

Cost Effective, Best Profiling, Safe, Environmentally Friendly,

and Consistent Blast Cleaning Abrasives in the Industry"